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Automation designed for non-tech users

Employee Innovation

employees on RPA concepts and positive impact

every employee to build no-code RPA to be more productive

every employee to brainstorm ideas for process improvement

online hub to submit and discuss new initiatives

99% of raw ideas to derive its suitability and readiness scores

idea or mark as duplicate or rejected

Workplace Learning that is relevant and customizable to upskill every employee and be ready for enterprise transformation.​

Employee-driven innovation is an inexpensive and effective way to improve work processes and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.​


Robotic Process Automation

Learn what is RPA in just 30 seconds

Bots in Action

Demo: Scrap data from Website and Email to 10 clients in 13 seconds

(equivalent to processing 100 client emails in 2 minutes 10 seconds).

  1. Scrap data (FX daily rate) from Bank's website,

  2. Save FX daily rate as PDF file,

  3. Retrieve clients name and email address from Excel file,

  4. Enter clients name and email address into Outlook,

  5. Attach PDF file to email and write email template,

  6. Send out emails separately or save as draft.

Demo: Organize 20 files (with date stamp) into respective folders in 8 seconds

(equivalent to processing 1000 files in less than 7 minutes).

  1. Create separate folders according to file types (excel, word, pptx, images),

  2. sort the files and copy paste into respective folders,

  3. date stamped each file.

Demo: Update company information into 5 employee records in 48 seconds

(equivalent to processing 50 employee records in 8 minutes).

  1. Update new company name, location and business unit into every employee file (word document),

  2. update company new logo,

  3. save a copy as pdf.

Demo: Type Excel data into Website to generate new data and save to Excel.

  1. retrieve a list of names and birth months from an excel file,

  2. type the names in the website,

  3. select respective birth months from dropdown menu,

  4. click [Get Name] button to generate new data (unicorn names),

  5. copy the unicorn names from the website,

  6. paste into excel file under the unicorn name column.

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