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TenTract's Belief

Our Mission

We've seen many entrepreneurs giving up or abandoning their great ideas too soon because of the inflexibility to pivot their first built MVP, or lack of technology expertise or other resources.

At TenTract, we empower entrepreneurs (be it tech or non-tech entrepreneurs) with fast available services to validate idea and build MVP with minimal resources, without having to incur too much upfront capital in the risky startup business.

Growing with the startup from Day 1 to becoming the next successful story is what TenTract is missioned on.

Our Purpose

TenTract believes in the potential of every passionate entrepreneur.


Skills can be learnt, problems can be solved, strategies can be pivoted, and funds can be raised, but passion can't be trained unless you are born with it.

Without real passion, it is easy to quit because startup will never be easy.


A successful startup is more than a great idea and go-to-market strategy, it is also having the right team with great execution and agile skillsets to help the startup maneuver through the wavy and unpredictable market.

We have the know-how if you have the know-what.

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